About Singer


XiaoCao (Linda): I have never thought that God would use me as a singer at this age!

However, to be a singer is not that easy, especially for someone who has never had any vocal training or lessons from a singing teacher and who speaks the language with a strong accent. I have never dreamt of this but I believe that with God's help I can do anything!

To prepare for the recording, I was given four lessons from Ms. Zhao Xing Ying. That was it and then I started to sing. Although it is far from perfect, but I have done my best, and I have learn how to use my voice correctly - not to scream and shout as I did before. And many people were impressed by the improvement I made in such a short periods of time. Now I bought lots of books about singing and will continue to learn by myself when I return to Canada. Hopefully when I come back next year for more recording, I will sing better. May all the glory go to our God!

Although the songs we have recorded are not yet at a professional level, I have sung them with my heart and soul, and I am sure God is happy to hear them.

Binglynn: He was meant to be the producer, but since he can sing too, I asked him to sing the male part for us for free. Later on I learned that he also learn to sing from Ms. Zhao only a few years ago. It is a pity that the music is not in his best vocal range, otherwise his voice would be more pleasing.

But he is very good at producing songs. Music is his whole life, and the songs he produced would fit into the various spirit!

Praise the Lord as in making these songs, both he and his fiancé have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Ms. Zhao: She was graduated from Shang Xi music College. She is now opening a music training centre for children to learn singing, instrument playing and dancing.

I am very lucky to have Ms. Zhao singing with me for her voice has added a lot of color to the songs. Although it was not in her vocal range either, but when our two voices are blended, it sounds very beautiful.

Praise the Lord as when she sang, her heart was touched by Jesus. Now she has accepted Jesus as her Savior. She also encouraged her husband to go to church to know God. Now he wishes to know God more and to understand His will.