My Mission

After watched the movie “The Passion of the Christ" in 2004, I suddenly started to write songs (lyrics and music). So far I have written more than a thousand songs. In 2008, I started to record these songs (I sang it myself), and posted it on the website for free downloading; I had also made CDs giving out free of charge. I had made a covenant with God since that I am not going to make any money out of it! Everything I do is for Him, for He is worthy of my sacrifices!

Thank God for having Brother Binglyn making these CDs (recording and mixing) with half price of regular charge, for having Sister Zhao Xinying teaching me singing free of charge. God puts the three of us together to fulfill His will in me. They are not only my free singers, but also my co-workers in concerts. I also thank God for giving me many volunteers to support and help me; and for many brothers and sisters’ donation and prayer.

I am going to continuously producing the CDs, and to go all over the world to sing and praise our God, and to tell the story of what He has done in my life. I hope wherever I go, I will bring God's love and comfort to the people there, and to inspire them to know God and to love God. May our God’s name being exalted and glorified in this land!