I had never thought that I could write songs! My background is in Biology. I spent many years working in labs and no one around me had anything to do with music.

In 2004, I watched the movie "The Passion of the Christ", and was deeply moved. Once again, I saw that Jesus had been whipped, humiliated, shed blood and finally died on he cross for me! Once again, his love deeply touched my heart. When I returned home, a very strong feeling was stirring inside me and my heart kept crying out: "This is incomparable love! This is sacrificial love!" After a while, I opened my mouth and a song came out from my heart.

That night, I wrote two songs “Incomparable Love” and “Sacrificed Love”. At midnight, I sat on my bed, thinking of God’s grace and love and my heart was touched again, and I wrote another song “You are in My Life”.[MORE+]